Are Injections Better Than Tablets?



“PLEASE, I want an injection!” That’s what works for me!

These words are heard often these days. AS A matter of fact, when this request is turned down, many search for auxiliary nurses in their area of residence to grant their wish. More often than not, the basis for such a request is the belief that medications work better as injections. Since it is injected directly into the bloodstream, some believe that it provides a more powerful cure than tablets or pills. Additionally, some take injections because of hatred for the taste and smell of drugs.

True, sometimes, you may need to take injections according to the discretion of your doctor, such as in cases of emergency or when the only available dosage form for the drug is injection (like in the case of insulin for diabetic patients).

However, it is important to note that Injections carry risks that pills and tablets do not. If the needle is contaminated, the patient can be infected with hepatitis, tetanus, or even AIDS. A dirty needle can also cause a painful swelling, for example at the buttocks or arm, at the site of injection. The dangers are increased if the injection is given by an unqualified person. It is reported that many of the children with paralysis of one leg or foot referred for treatment in many hospitals in Nigeria are due to injection from an unqualified person and even by qualified persons with poor knowledge base. It is really sad that some parents have to spend so much time, energy and money (that are not enough) on this avoidable trouble that often takes years to resolve, if at all – please think twice before taking that child for an injection, except your doctor says so.

Also, side effects and adverse effects are more difficult to deal with or even reverse with injections, since high concentration in the blood is achieved almost instantly when given into the vein or within a short period when given into the muscles. As such, the time to make any changes is cut short as opposed to tablets which is taken orally and effects are seen gradually as the drug builds up in the bloodstream and so an antidote can be quickly given if anything goes wrong.

Additionally, you can be sure of the tablets you’re taking, you can check the details of the drug you buy on its accompanying leaflet, unlike injections which the nurse or doctor can easily make mistakes with or even forget to check the expiry date.

Yet, if you really need to take an injection, remember the following:

  •    Only use a qualified person
  •    Confirm the name and use of the injection from the person
  •    Check the expiry date
  •    QUICKLY tell your doctor if anything doesn’t seem right

But if you don’t have to take an injection, just Use the tablet and get well soon.

I LOVE to have you well and alive

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