19 Questions about Your Drugs You Should Not Take For Granted



It is important to fully understand your drugs (especially the proper way to use them) since it concerns your health. Sadly, some people go to the hospital/pharmacy with complaints, and come back with drugs without having some vital information about these drugs.

Get informed on how your pharmacist can help you, they are the drug experts.

The following is a list of questions to ask your pharmacist, questions you should not take for granted:

  1. Why am I taking this drug?

  2. How and when should I take this drug?

  3. Am I Supposed to take my drug with food or water?

  4. Should I lick, chew or swallow this tablet as a whole?

  5. How will I know if this drug is working?

  6. Are they any side effects I should look out for? Will it make me dizzy?

  7. Is there anything I should avoid eating or drinking while taking this drug?

  8. Is “four times a day” the same as “every six hours”?

  9. Do I have to wake up at night to take my drugs?

  10. What should I do if I miss a dose?

  11. Can I share my drug with someone who has the same symptoms as mine?

  12. I have Allergies – is it safe for me to take this drug?

  13. Will it be affected by over-the-counter medications like painkillers and antacids?

  14. Can I drink alcohol while I am on this drug?

  15. Will it be affected by vitamins or herbal supplements?

  16. Can I take this drug if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

  17. When will I feel better?

  18. Can I stop taking it as soon as I feel better?

  19. Where should I keep my drug?


The answers provided by the Pharmacist will help you understand how to use your drug properly………


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