PARACETAMOL – what you should know

It is a household name in the world of drugs. Though one of the most abused drugs, it’s commonly effectively used to treat pain, tooth ache, and fever.


What it does: Reduces pain and fever


The don’ts of paracetamol

Don’t take 3, 4 or more tablets of paracetamol at once

Don’t take paracetamol more than 4 times a day (two tablets each) for adults (don’t kill your liver)

Don’t take paracetamol and procold together (procold already has paracetamol)

Don’t take paracetamol and Panadol together (panadol is simply paracetamol)

Don’t give your child paracetamol and bonababe together (bonababe already has paracetamol)

Don’t give 2 tablets of paracetamol at once to a child less than 12 years

Don’t take paracetamol with beer, red wine, baby oku or any other alcoholic drink


When to be careful with use of paracetamol (talk to your doctor first): If you have liver disease (hepatitis, cirrhosis), take more than three bottles of beer or alcoholic drink daily (including red wine, baylis, baby oku etc), breastfeeding (can enter the breast milk)


When to use paracetamol: If you have – headache, fever, back pain, toothache, muscle aches, colds, arthritis

You can use it before or after food


How long it take after use till it starts to work: From 30 minutes to 2 hours of swallowing it, you’ll experience the highest effects of paracetamol. However, it’s effect lasts up to 4 hours in your body


Who can take paracetamol: Elderly, adults and children (there are different doses for children)


How many tablets of paracetamol can I take per day: Each tablet usually comes in 500mg.

Adults can take 2 tablets three times in a day. Never take 2 tablets more than 4 times in a day. If the pain or fever persists, just go and see your doctor

Children under 12 years, but older than 8 years can take 1 tablet three times a day

Children under 8 years but older than 6 years can take half of a tablet three times a day

Children under 6 years but older than 2 years can take paracetamol syrup, 5 mls three times a day

Children under 2 years but older than 6 months can take paracetamol syrup 2.5mls, three times a day

Children under six months can take paracetamol drop from a droper